Weight Loss

Product: Slim XS

Product: Slim XS Advertising Disclosure test Slim XS is an all-natural health supplement formulated with your health in mind. This is the only diet supplement created by truly natural nutrition and was created with several years of knowledge making slim xs one of the premier diet products on the market today. Truly Natural Nutrition LLC …

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Product: Plexus Slim

Product: Plexus Slim Advertising Disclosure test Plexus Slim is a water-soluble weight loss drink also known as the “pink drink” developed by Plexus Worldwide®. They claim to help produce lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels with their product. Their packaging even makes the claim that they are the “Most Natural Way To Lose Weight”. The …

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Product: Sensa

Product: SENSA Advertising Disclosure test Sensa Clinical is a powdered supplement that is supposedly designed to support weight management and encourage weight loss by blocking calories during meals. Unfortunately their website does not disclose how the calories are blocked. The company’s website for Sensa Clinical claims that its product somehow tricks the brain in to …

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