Product: Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a water-soluble weight loss drink also known as the "pink drink" developed by Plexus Worldwide®. They claim to help produce lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels with their product. Their packaging even makes the claim that they are the "Most Natural Way To Lose Weight".

The company also claims that their product will help you to lose weight without losing muscle by curbing your appetite and boosting your willpower over the foods you eat.



Greg has been consumed by the nutrition world for years, trying every supplement and diet plan he can get his hands on, but every worth while supplement out there always seemed to have a bigger impact on his wallet than his health.

Greg felt he needed to do something about the high price and minimal effectiveness of these supplements. He went to work researching and finding only the highest quality SCIENTIFICALLY STUDIED nutrients on the planet! Here’s what he found…